Diplomates works within the fields of architecture and design to offer an engaged and experimental vision of modernity through site and context-specific interventions. KASSANDRAS is DIPLOMATES' Athens-based chapter.


Matthieu Prat, founder of DIPLOMATES, applies his methodology within a number of contexts in order to produce specific territories. 

Elena Demetria Chantzis, trained at the Politecnico di Milano, joined us as architect. 

Andreas Benos-Palmer's interest lays between architecture and music. He is studying Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens and often appears as a DJ. He also organises events dealing with the concept of space and sound. Andreas joined Kassandras in 2017 and has been working as a building collaborator and event manager ever since.

Nicolas Melemis is a young franco-canadian photographer. After finishing high school he started at the architecture school of Paris La Villette during which time he worked as an assistant to photographers. In 2018 he finished a Master’s in photography at the ENS Louis Lumière. His work looks at cities and spaces and the way we interact with them.

Mariantina Papadea is finishing her studies in Architectural Engineering, at the University of Patras. Living in Athens, she is interested in investigating its distinctive urban condition, focusing on themes of collective urban memory, crisis and trauma. Mariantina joined us as project manager and futur architect.

Zina Sarris is the founder of Sounds Good project and also a sound practitioner and researcher, dealing with topics concerning sound in urban/rural contexts, multi-faceted ethnography and the symbolic/communicative realms of soundscape composition. Zina lives and works in Athens and joined Kassandras as a project manager. 

DROPPED-BY (2016 > 2019)

Benoît Durandin
Benoît has been during a decade an associate of the architecture office New-territories/R&Sie with which he did significantly the exhibition I've heard about at the Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris in 2005. He has conducted researches on unstable environment by making study trips to Northern Siberia (2006-2007). He now lives and works in Athens and is the founder of Graspinghand studio (2011).  
www.graspinghand.org and O Meteoritis bookshop (2019).

Thanassis Benos-Palmer 
Student at Patras Architecture school, and initiator of the Hellastock Festival, the Greek edition of Bellastock Festival dedicated to experimental architecture. 

Eleni Hamilton McKirahan
Eleni is an Architect Engineer. She completed her professional degree at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2015 and her post-graduate course of study at the Design+Make MArch program at the Architectural Association in 2017. She currently lives and works in Athens, Greece.