Following Navine G.Khan Dossos invitation to contribute to her "Backgammon Project", we have been designing a modular furniture system allowing a core group of residents to produce a prototype table in our workshop and testing it out on site. Once it was deemed strong enough for kids to jump on and fit for use, we set about cutting and constructing a series of tables for the camp.

These tables and benches are all interconnected, with rods that provide connections between the pieces and keep them in place as well as providing extra strength. These structures connect the inside and outside of the public space to always making it permeable and welcoming.

The idea has been too develop a working method of making joints and structures than can be adapted and evolved in the months ahead, so that there is a clear and simple way of working if more furniture needs to be made or residents have other projects in mind. KASSANDRAS will remain a workshop and resource they can return to and open to them to come and work once the project is completed. 

Building on site brought all the hard work to the camp but also encouraged other residents to get involved and learn more about the making and planning process.

It has been a challenge and an eye-opening project. We learned so much about how the camp system works in Greece, and how they continue to function (and fail sometimes) to support a community of migrants who find themselves unable to move forward or backwards. Through projects like this, we improve the public spaces in the camp, based on the needs of the residents, but more importantly, we seek to open up connections between parallel communities, making links between all of us who find ourselves in Athens for very different reasons and circumstances. This can only ever enrich and diversify areas such as Eleonas that also have thriving creative communities, and to make sure that those spaces are open and welcoming to residents of the camps and the wider city. 

What has come out of this project is a sense of what can continue, which is an infrastructure of support and care for each other and our environment. We have made new friends, colleagues and connections across cultures, languages and hopes for the future. 

Project Team : Residents of Eleonas Camp, Navine G.Khan Dossos, Matthieu Prat, Eleni McKirahan, Thanassis Benos-Palmer, Claire Manent, Charline Laguerin and Eva Beri.

Special thanks to Project Elea & Zafiris Kontogeorgis.

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