[extracts from the press release] 

“Thousands of children fleeing the war in the Middle East reach Greece every day. Due to limited public resources and understaffed agencies, public assistance and care are provided only to a few hundred of them. 

DETOUR is a photography exhibition aiming to raise public awareness of the plight of these children and collect funds for their support. Through their images, a number of photographers share their personal perception of what constitutes a detour.

All proceeds from the sales of the photographs and the catalogue are donated to support the goals of the Society for the Care of Minors. Founded in 1924 thanks to private donations, primarily by Greek benefactor Emmanuel Benakis, the Society operates a guesthouse providing care and support for unaccompanied minors from countries torn by war and natural disasters.

Invited to design the DETOUR exhibition, Diplomates Studio proposes a process where the children housed at the Society for the Care of Minors are involved in the exhibition design and production. KASSANDRAS hosts the workshop with children and the prototyping process.

Detour C
Detour B
Detour Athens 2

The exhibition is organized by 10AM and art directed by Dapper Dan Magazine.

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