TP—kassandras complex mono space 
by Typical Organization

Typical organization has been involved in the conception of a site specific typeface: TP— kassandras complex mono space. A typical tool made to articulate future unbelied predictions.

On one hand the typeface draws on archetypical elements from Kassandras mostly by mechanics centered enviroment(the local), and on the other hand the wish to create a modular system that could be used and adjusted to multiple uses and initiatives (the universal). Those principals are incarnated by a underlaying lineary square based grid reflecting Kassandras (as myological figure & actual space) ego-less state of announcing facts. They aimed to make cohabit the specific with-in the generic, the personal and unique with-in the complex.

Typical, Organization for standards & order, is a studio based in Athens, founded in 2013. Their vocation is not to add new surfaces to the existing but instead they are aspiring to discover the ‘typical’ structure of any relevant subject. Shaping the mostly undefined ‘type’ behind the already existing matter they see their work as an etymological procedure to study origin of form and meaning.

Thank you guys.

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