KINO-PIECES is a cinema-oriented gathering on the occasion of which an artist presents a new film work and an inspirational classical or contemporary movie. Both works will enter in KASSANDRAS collection and constitute the fund of an organically growing library. The cinema space is conceived by designer Laure Jaffuel. Cooking action by artist and designer couple Resi and Owen Hoskins. The screenings are curated by Tristan Bera and designed by Typical Organization. 

KINO-ΠΟΙΗΣΗ | KINO-PIECES # 01 - Beta version
January, 25th - 2018

As back in 1978, there will be thirteen moons in 2018 and, according to filmmaker Rainer Werner Fassbinder, overly emotional people are especially in danger. It's better to get notified to prevent from being surprised at any upcoming personal, political or cosmic catastrophe. Between the two first full moons, KASSANDRAS invites Tristan Bera to present a double-screening. His last film co-directed with Joshua Olsthoorn, "The Girl from Exarcheia" (2017/2018), which depicts an uncertain fashion of activism in an über-patriarchal urban environment, will be followed by the seminal work of RWF, "Die Dritte Generation", which tells the underground story of a group of young people united by secret signals (code word: "the world as will and idea") and blind terrorism in 1978 West Berlin.

Kino Pieces Kassandras

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