We decided to map craftsmanships, workshops and inventory sites and trades operating around our area. The goal is twofold: to provide a sourcing tool and to develop an attitude that can contribute to the valorization of a slowly disappearing but essential activity.

Applied first to Votanikos, we are expanding our network of local talents to the city of Athens and its surrounding area with an ambition to become a resource pool offering direct access to a variety of recommended professionals.

What could seem an archaism, a survival of a world disappearing is in fact an asset, an essentiel part of the future of Athens. The practices of makers (artists, designers, architects, inventors, geeks, etc...) pass now by a reappropriation of the means of production, and for this reason they must be ideally small and located in downtown area. By attending these places, it appears that more and more Athenian and foreign makers find their interest to produce in Athens. We want to accompany this movement by creating a tool which cartography and facilitates the access to these places.

This selection is ours, it is the result of years of collaboration and remains subjective, it is obvious that we get no interest in it apart from the fact that thoses addresses are the best ones we found. To this map a lexicon of technical words translated in about ten languages will be added (Greek, French, German, Italian, English, Albanian,Bulgarian, Roumanian, Russian, Yugoslavian, Arabic and Urdu). This corpus of a hundred words will be accompanied by a small photograph or small technical illustration. The purpose of this lexicon is to help people not speaking Greek or not well enough to communicate what they are searching for, these words being often absent from online dictionaries. It will equally include words of components, materials and words describing machining processes and transformation of material.

Project team : Benoit Durandin, James Bridle, Matthieu Prat & Thanassis Benos-Palmer 

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