From July 1-20 2017, in collaboration with the University of the Aegean,
SIFF - SYROS FILM FESTIVAL hosted VOLUME I, a workshop in which KASSANDRAS re-localized its workshop to Syros, within the context of the fifth Syros International Film Festival. The workshop was made possible with the exclusive support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, SIFF 2017's major donor.

Over three weeks, the workshop conceived and implemented the design and production of the festival’s central kiosk, a series of micro-architectural objects, and other interventions in the festival’s physical and social landscape.

By re-localizing Kassandras’ workshop for a three-week residency on Syros, this project deliberates temporality through gestures that explore the intermediate territories between permanence and ephemerality, specifically within the context of the apparition and disappearance of a festival. Instead of designing an ephemeral scenario, VOLUME I sets up a process based on longevity and work-in-progress with the aim of connecting subsequent editions of the festival to each other, as well as linking participating students themselves to new territories for daily experimentations. The construction of skeletal micro- architectural objects gives students opportunities to implement their own designs, upgrading and developing them between festival editions, bringing the festival its own local vocabulary.

Volume I explored a working methodology that relies on the unexpected and un-designed realities of the production process. While the collaboration began with a developed construction strategy and visual vocabulary, the “making” process itself was the instrumental phase in which the physical manipulation of materials defined the project in experiential terms. The project thus integrated and augmented the capacity of the process of production to inform the final outcome through continuously reactive design decisions.

Project Team : Matthieu Prat, Benoit Durandin,  Lukas Panek and Thanassis Benos-Palmer
Coordination : Maria Palaiologou
Participants : Danae Kalliabetsou, Tzotzina Savvaki, Maria Baliou, Nikos Patras, Christina Giti, Dimitris Chinis, Athina Maouni, Stavroula Kaisari, Tatiana Kasimati, Foteini Georgiopoulou, Thodoris Merkos, Maria Merkou, Christina Kostopoulou, Anthi Kolokotroni, Giorgos Kourtis, Glikeria Makriyianni, Dora Karadima, Natalia Georgiadi, Vasileia Katsikogianni,Stella Pistofidou, Dominiki Asimakopoulos

Special Thanks: Eleni McKirahan, Panayiotis Koutsabasis, Theofilos Lazarou, To Archontariki tis Maritsas, Stin Ithaki tou Ai, Filomila, Elliniko Kafeneio, Laoutari, Mamageiremata, Fagitoulis.

Kassandras Siff 25
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