March 7 - 10, 2016, Prague  
April 23 - 28, 2016, Athens 

At the invitation of Are, KASSANDRAS gave a talk and led workshops with students of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design (UMPRUM) of Prague.

The talk introduced the KASSANDRAS method focused on praxis and tools offered to practitioners. The series of workshops proposed to experiment with design and architectural strategies applied to an unfinished skeleton building. These include the development of a long-term ephemeral approach where the ‘temporary’ can be used and endure on site, and, later, be adapted and exported elsewhere.

The students were invited to transform our 70m2 rooftop terrace into a social playground for local communities and KASSANDRAS’ guests. Started in Prague, the work pursued in Athens where the students practiced prototyping an iconic piece of Greek vernacular architecture – a periptero.

The aim of the process was to develop a workshop format that can double as a laboratory for architectural, artistic and social research. 

Read more about what we have built with the students here.

Img 20160424 215513
Umprum Athens 3

The periptero was augmented by the students visual and performative art works for the preview of the installation and the closing party of the Athens workshop.

Umprum Athens 31

Workshop by Matthieu Prat, Pierre Blanc & Teofilos Lazarou
Photos Pierre Blanc & Almog Sella
Film Almog Sella
Special thanks to Zafiris Kontogeorgis

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