Within the conceptual framework of urban regeneration, KASSANDRAS aims to programmatically incorporate a prototypical approach to urban farming in the abandoned concrete skeletons of the Athenian cityscape. The basic function of producing fresh food is considered fundamental to a localized approach of urban inhabitation and sustainability. KASSANDRAS acts as a small scale test-bed of including farming in the functional program of a building in an urban context.

ριφιλ is KASSANDRAS’ first move regarding the question of mixed-use and multifunctional buildings. Beginning as a « festive »and workshop based program, it will slightly open a field where innovative practices can be try-out and experiment in urban environment. A field where culture, food and science can work « life-size » and produce a sustainable future through urban-farming, local market and design.

ριφιλ established it-self as a rendez-vous for chefs, food-activists, agronomists, producers, food-lovers, Dj’s… A Sunday hang-out around food, drinks and music where late-nighters, families and the neighbourhood had been refilled. Started December 2016, KASSANDRAS hosted Options FoodLab bi-weekly public workshops and gatherings. 

Options FoodLab is a community of locals and newcomers, using food and cooking as a catalyst for intercultural exchange, personal growth, and integration. 


April 2, 2017

After the last event on the Levant, we continue with a new recipe, مقلوبة‎‎ (Maqluba Arakas), from Syria. Entesar, who was previously helping Roàa, lead this time around as we try to prepare this complex dish which requires some skill to execute properly, because it is cooked upside-down. That's where it gets its name, Maqluba means "upside-down" in Arabic.

photos © Nicolas Melemis

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March 12, 2017

Antishar and Roàa are leading us on our exploration of Levantine cuisine. The first part will be Iraqi cooking, with the main dish being the succulent تمن جزر (carrot rice), and Salata Arabiyyeh (Arabic salad). 

February 26, 2017

гречка by Sophia and Artemios is introducing the popular grain known as Grechka, which is very nutritious and also gluten-free; needless to say it's getting very popular now outside its native zone of Central Asia, though it can grow in many places. Besides, the Palmer Brothers provided a « Central Asia » soundtrack with surprising tracks form the region.

January 29, 2017

Porotos Granados
 by Chief Natalia, a traditional Chilean stew from the countryside. In addition to showing us how to cook, Natalia showed us how to do some traditional dances from Chile.  https://www.facebook.com/event...

January 8, 2017 

Cooking a vegetarian version of Biryani, a traditional dish from Pakistan and reading the classic short story Toba Tek Singh by our favorite Indo - Pakistani writer Saadat Hasan Manto. 

December 18, 2016  

Cooking Kochari, the traditional Egyptian dish.